It’s a fact that a meticulously planned and well constructed home is not enough to enjoy a neighborhood. One that offers tasteful facilities and amenities to the residents is certainly a big plus.

So, what does IDESIA have to offer the homeowners and their families?

For families with kids – the swimming pool and children’s playground would be top choices. No need for you to go out of your way to have road trips to go to beach resorts because you can spend all day at the pool, within the comforts of your own home. Soak in the sun and enjoy spending your time in with love ones. Read a book, sip your favorite cooler and have fun with your kids For other days, the kids can go and play out in the playground within the community. How nice, isn’t it? No need for you to bring your kids to the mall or arcade to play. Parents will be less worried of their kids’ safety. Going outdoors, the children can run, skip, jump and play all around under your own watchful eyes.

Family bonding continues as you relax and chill out in the IDESIA garden, pond area, leisure games and reading garden areas. There is also a picnic area where everyone can just sit still, have a feast and enjoy the refreshing surroundings around. Or you may want to bond as family and friends in the nearby Clubhouse. Choose to celebrate special occasions here like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding showers or baptismal parties. Why, there’s also a provision for outdoor cinema. Exciting times, isn’t it? That sounds like weekends even on weekdays in your own neighborhood.

As they say, “Health is wealth.” As residents at IDESIA, you will have plenty of things to indulge in within the premises to be able to keep fit and healthy. There is a gym, both outdoor and indoor, where the family members can go. This is the place to go for your daily dose of exercise and workout routines, be it with your partners, your children or by yourself. You can take advantage of the highly modern equipment and spacious and comfortable place to let out all the life’s stresses away. Or you may opt to go walking or running in the jogging lanes. Perhaps, some can also go biking, as there are bikers’ lanes all around. What a way to go outdoors and have fun while keeping you in the pink of health, ‘right?

As you walk around – you can also relax a bit and find the lounge areas. There are also pocket gardens all around – with vibrant and lush greeneries and colorful blooms. Isn't it such a great feeling that you can just walk, lounge and enjoy nature everyday right in your own home? You’re just so lucky!

For the men and boys in the house, they can go and practice their basketball skills anytime they want to. Why? It's because right here is their very own basketball court - pretty cool. It’s a covered basketball court so no worries if it’s really hot or there are rains. Or you may opt as a family to play badminton, too, as there is a covered court as well. You can all play as a team with neighbors and engage in friendly games. Invite your relatives and friends so they can watch and cheer you on. You can do this during weekends, where everyone is available to relax and enjoy his spare time. Enjoy these fun games where you can also develop your skills on team camaraderie, teamwork, sportsmanship, focus and determination. Sweat it out and win those games.

Last but certainly not the least, the IDESIA community is a digital, modern and high-tech one with the presence of WIFI hubs all –around. Now, who doesn’t like this? Parents and their kids, of course, will love this. Do not worry if you’ve got no data plan in your smartphone. Just go and find the WIFI hubs and be connected with the rest of the world. Many will definitely look forward and enjoy this facility in this truly ideal community.

  • Covered basketball court
  • Covered badminton court
  • Children’s playground
  • Jogging Path (distance)
  • Indoor gym
  • Outdoor gym
  • Clubhouse
  • Group activities area
  • Swimming pool
  • Provision for Outdoor Cinema
  • Idesia Garden
  • Picnic area
  • Pond area
  • Leisure Games area
  • Reading garden
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